Academic Visit of Associate Professor Yao Hu from Beijing Institute of Technology

9-12 June 2019

    A meeting on machine vision was held between the research team led by Prof. Yao Hu from Beijing Institute of Technology and Prof. Kaiwei Wang’s research group on July 12th 2019 at Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University. The two groups had deep exchanges on their common research topics.

    Dr. Kailun Yang and PhD student Ruiqi Cheng from Prof. Wang’s group introduced the general situation and main research on the assistance for visually impaired people. Then three students from Prof. Hu’s group shared their research about machine vision and navigation. In addition, students from Prof. Wang’s group also shared their recent works about panoramic annular imaging, visual localization, semantic segmentation, image super-resolution and so on.

    The research exchanges laid a good foundation for further collaborations between the two groups in the future.

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