Yaozu Ye and Kaite Xiang in CGIIT2019

Feb. 22-24, 2019

    2019 3rd International Conference on Graphics, Images and Interactive Techniques was held at the Mayor's Building of China in Guangzhou from Feb.22 to 24, 2019. Ph.D. Yaozu Ye and M.A. Kaite Xiang presented their posters at the conference.

    Yaozu Ye presented the paper “a wearable vision-to-audio sensory substitution device for blind assistance and the correlated neural substrates”,Kaite Xiang presented the paper “store sign text recognition for wearable navigation assistance system”。

    In addition to the meeting, they also visited landmark buildings and tourist attractions in Guangzhou, such as the Guangzhou Tower and Beijing Road.

Yaozu Ye and Kaite Xiang presented their posters

Guangzhou Tower

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