Sun Dongming Participated the Joint-master Program at Imperial College London

September 09, 2018

    Sun Dongming participated in a one-year joint-master program at Imperial College London (ICL). He returned in September 2018 and obtained a master's degree at ICL. He was in the Visual Computing and Robotics project under Department of Computer Science, ICL.

    The first six months are courses-based, and a total of nine courses have been completed in two semesters, covering machine learning (deep learning), probability statistics, robots, databases, etc. The content of the course is closely integrated with the frontier research fields.

    During the remaining half of the year, Dongming completed the master's individual project titled "Instance Segmentation and Tracking in Semantic SLAM Using Deep Learning" under the Professor Stefan Leutenegger's instructions, who is the leader of Smart Robotics Lab. The SLAM framework ElasticFusion, developed in the room, merges to distinguish different object instances in a 3D reconstruction map.

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