Kaiwei Wang and the Research Group in SPIE International Conference

September 11-14, 2018

    Kaiwei Wang and the research group attended the 2018 SPIE International Conference on Remote Sensing and Security + Defence, during 11-14 September 2018.

    During the conference, Ningbo Long, Weijian Hu, Zhiming Huang and Lei Fei made oral presentations, titled “Fusion of Millimeter Wave Radar and RGB-Depth Sensors for Assisted Navigation of the Visually Impaired”, “A Robust Localization Approach using Multi-Sensor Fusion”, “Glass Detection and Recognition Based on the Fusion of Ultrasonic Sensor and RGB-D Sensor for the Visually Impaired”, “Scene Text Detection and Recognition System for Visually Impaired People in Real World”, respectively. Hao Chen presented the poster of the research “SORB: Improve Orb Feature Matching by Semantic Segmentation”. Lei Fei was the recipient of the SPIE Best Student Paper Award.

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