Website description


First, the server instructions

1、 the use of Tencent cloud, IP address:

2、 the operating system: CentOS, login account: root; login password: ***(Strong passwords composed of uppercase and lowercase English letters and numbers); port number: 22

3、 login software: FileZilla,official website download address:

4、the site location: var / www / html, do not put the following very complicated files, with a folder installed

5、 suggested that the local changes, and then upload to the server coverage

Second, the site structure

Third, blog updates

1、update blog.html: mainly add a new data, modify the link, time, picture address, title, profile

2、In the blog folder to create a new date named html Chinese English file, naming rules: blog date; picture naming rules: the beginning of the date [recommended directly before the copy, paste, after the change]

3、Modify the new blog content

Fourth, other updates

1、home page: index.html, indexeg.html, [eg suffix for the English version of the page, the same below]

2、team: team.html, teameg.html



Fifth, the site changes proposed

1、the current site for the static site, blog function is too cumbersome to use, you can build a MySQL database, blog updates; or use WordPress

2、English update more trouble, you need to establish two HTML; after perhaps also add traditional Chinese version.

3、 please contact me,;QQ:2213423072。

4、website construction reference:

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